Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekapaug Rocks 8x10 canvas

I think I like this one.

House at Weekapaug 5x7 panel

I would really like to perfect this one!

Heaven on earth! 4x6 canvas

Weekapaug...not crazy about my water color but its OK.

Seagulls at Weekapaug 5x7 panel

I kinda like this one and would like to do a larger study of it.

Weekapaug overlook under snow 4x6 Canvas

The following picture is of the same scene and they look completely different but I was playing with the colors.

Weekapaug overlook under snow 4x6 Canvas

Trying to show the cold, the snow and the beauty. This is one of my favorite places.

Weezie 5x 7 Panel

This is actually one of my favorites although I dont think I quite captured her true expression.

Snickerdoodle 5 x7 Panel

This is our baby Snickers! The background is pink to match his tongue but you cant tell from the picture....I need to figure out how to take some good pictures...any input is appreciated.

Fresh Strawberries 5x7 Panel

This makes me think of my sister Krys for some reason....she likes strawberries....I think!

Playing with greens 5x7 panel

More practice with fruit!

Red pepper 5x7 panel

This was practice.Not in love with it but all the practice will pay off I hope.

I love coconuts! 5x7 panel

I love the way they look, smell, feel, and taste. That being said not my best work, I will be doing another one and lets hope it is much much better!