Friday, March 6, 2009

avocado 6x6 canvas

Two things I struggle with....shadows and background color. Any input? Im going to work some more on this today . I dont like the shadow and I want to bring more depth to the pit. Wanted to post to get some suggestions or advice.


  1. Hey Laura! Way to work girl! Shadows often confound beginners. Pay close attention to them in real life. The color of the object creating the shadow often reflects oonto the surface it is on. You need some of the colors of your avacado to reflect onto the table in your shadow. The shadow will also be darkest closest to the object as there is less light there, the shadow should not read as one flat value. Value is huge! It will make or break a painting. You need variation in your values. I hope this helps!

  2. keep in mind....paint what you SEE not what you THINK you see. I had a painting of a grapefruit go terribly wrong because I was using my minds eye instead if my actual eyes. Sit and look at it for a minute, and then look at your canvas, then back at the still life, then at the canvas. you'll see what i mean.

  3. I find it helps to hold a loaded brush up to the area I'm trying to paint, close an eye and squint and see how close the values are so I can make any corrections to my mixed paint before laying it in. I find it to be really useful for subtle value changes.

    I think this is a good start!