Thursday, March 12, 2009

Need input on taking pictures

I just spent way too long trying to take a picture of a Margarita glass I painted and I just cant get a good picture. (probably a sign that I shouldnt post because it didnt go so well) I would love to hear others tricks to how they get good pictures to post. This was a 6x6 with a black background which seemed to really make it difficult. All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. I just finished one with a dark background and I remembered your post. I catch glare a lot on really dark paintings; I've found that when I take them outside to photograph, it helps to lay it directly on top of a bigger board that's white. I've mentioned the white card thing to you before but in this case when you take the photo of the painting with the white board all around it in the shot, the camera adjusts itself to the extra white and the dark painting comes out richer and with less glare than if you didn't have a light background behind it.